Covid19 Update

It's clear we won't be going back just yet.


From Dominic Raab's interview on Sky News, it's looking probable that July 4th is more realistic.


 I'm leaving all appointments as they are for now. When I have greater clarity I'll be in touch with everyone booked in for June to rearrange (or confirm) appointments. Hang in there everyone.

Please, please, please do not be tempted by the growing network of underground "barbers" and "hairdresser" offering to do your hair in your garden. Some aren't qualified (a chap was advertising his services over the weekend and he's a horse groomer 😂😂), they definitely aren't insured and they are working illegally and potentially spreading the virus.

When we do come back I can offer the perfect environment to minimise infection. I have totally refurbished my home salon, with new hard flooring, new backwash, new chair and new decor. I only see one client at a time, the salon will be sterilised between clients and hand washing facilities and hand gel will be available to all clients. I even offer parking on my drive so no need to walk through town to park.